Monday, July 14, 2008

The List of Love

Most of the posts I've put up here lately have been a little too poignant - and I've been thinking about another one along the same lines.

So here's a cute list of the ways that Mihret shows her love, both to Kara and myself and to other people.

1. The "It's Daddy/Mama!" Giggle.

Mihret does this whenever we haven't seen her for, say, ten minutes. I didn't realize it was unusual until someone at church pointed it out to me.

At church, both the kids and adults have class. So afterwards, we haven't seen each other for, oh, maybe thirty minutes.

But the minute she sees one of us, she starts laughing and laughing and laughing. It's awesome.

2. Blowing Kisses

This is also cute as all get-out. We have her do this with people when she's saying bye-bye.

The best part is that she not only blows kisses to loved ones, but she has also learned to make the *mwah!* noise when she does it.

3. The Full-On Hug

Usually we get these when we ask for them. "Mihret, can I have hugs?"

She comes up and clings to us like she's never going to let go. If we're extra-lucky, she'll also says "Huuugs!" when she does it.

4. The Stealth Hug

Mihret is finally learning to show affection of her own free will. Instead of us asking for hugs or kisses, she will sometimes race up to us and give the only part of us that's nearby (which is to say, our legs, usually) a big hug.

Sometimes times, when Kara is sitting on the floor, Mihret will sneak up behind her and give her a big ol' hug that way.

5. Get the Mama!/Daddy!

This one is just fun for everybody. Either Kara or I pick up Mihret, and then yell "Get the mama/daddy!" and hand Mihret off to the opposite person.

Mihret thinks this is hilarious and hugs and wiggles and laughs.

It's the best stuff in life.

6. Give kisses!

I saved this one for last because it's got a certain magic for me.

There was a short period where Mihret got really good at giving kisses. You'd ask, and get a big sloppy wad of drool on the cheek.

She doesn't do it a lot now, except for when we're visiting my Grandpa and Grandma. For whatever reason, Mihret has never turned us down when we say, "Give great-Grandpa kisses!"

I don't know why this is. Maybe great-grandpa has extra soft cheeks or something, but she has never pulled away or said no. She just gives him the world's sweetest kiss on the cheek, and then she gives one to everyone else as well.

It's hard to think of a time in recent memory that I've seen my Grandpa and Grandma look happier.

Oh look, I've gone and got poignant again. Such is life with a toddler.


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