Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flying, Boom-Boom!

Mihret holds her mini-unicorn and purple bear on a plane flight to Florida to help Auntie Anna (one of Mommy's dearest friends ever) marry Uncle Markus (she was one of the flower girls, Mama was a bridesmaid and Daddy was an usher/toddler wrangler.)

Over the past few months, Mihret's imagination has taken off.

For quite a while she's been really into "cooking" for us using her pretend kitchen and taking care of her "babies," but lately her creative play has gotten much more original.

One of the games she and I have been playing started after our flights to and from Florida, where we spent a week in mid-July for our dear friend Auntie Ania's wedding to Uncle Markus. We call it "Airplane Boom-Boom."

It goes something like this: Mihret puts her Bumbo seat up (she can still fit into it) onto the couch, like she's sitting in an airplane seat. Then - and here's the "boom-boom" part - I'm sitting or lying down on the couch, and I lift her high up in the air like she's the airplane, and say "Airplaaaaane-" and drop her down suddenly into a great, big hug ("boom-boom!"). The reason she's into this is because when we were on our flights, she loved the varying speeds and bumpiness of take-off and touch-down.

So, after this, she gets out and pretends to be the flight attendant. ("I'll get you some apple juice. Here's some ice!") Then, we switch roles and I get to serve her juice. Then it's "boom-boom" again for the pretend landing.

I personally love this new game because it involves lots of cuddle time. :)


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