Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Whole Tooth... Er, Teeth

Mihret's first official visit to the dentist. A few observations:
1. She took the actual visit in stride and was very curious about the surroundings, new people/health care providers, equipment, etc.
2. She was a bit reluctant about climbing up in the chair, although I did great prep work by having a good checkup right before Mihret's turn to ride in the chair and her brief oral exam. :)
3. So, being the daddy's girl she is, once Daddy sat in the chair (and Mama got behind the camera for the appropriate documentation of the moment) our peanut opened her mouth wide.
4. Because her teeth are in very good shape, she won't have to go back for her first official cleaning until I return for my next cleaning in six months. The dentist did note she has a "crowded mouth" but anything of that nature won't become an issue for a good number of years.
5. She loved the hygienist's mirror-on-a-stick and loved "examining" our teeth with it.
6. She chose a new Dora toothbrush at the end of the visit. She's graduated to the next-level toothpaste, too... the children's toothpaste that is the next step up from training toothpaste.
7. Not an observation from the dentist's visit, but just a cute anecdote, to close out... Mihret is very much growing in independence, and when she's in the right mood, is trying more and more to take care of some of her tasks of daily living. She's obsessed with her pink bathroom stool and she's figured out she can move it everywhere to help herself get things she wants. :)
Side note: One early morning when Josh was showering and I was either still sleeping or already at work (depending upon the day - can't remember in this particular instance) she carried the stool down the steps and used it to pull a candy cane down from the counter. She peeled off the wrapper and sat on the couch to eat the candy cane. When Josh came out of the shower he didn't know whether to chuckle at her cleverness or scold her about eating candy without permission and before breakfast....
But I digress.... One recent weekend, Mihret and I were brushing our teeth together at the bathroom sink. Mihret got her stool, and pointed at the "Hot" and "Cold" taps to make sure she remembered which was which. She did, so she proceeded to fill up her own Dixie cup with the little cute purple octopi on it, drink her water, and then say "Your turn, Mama" and fill up a cup for me. She is growing up.... and that's the Whole Tooth.

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Homebrewer said...

Josh, you just look thrilled to be hanging out in the chair!!

Congrats to Mihret for a great first dentist visit.