Friday, April 18, 2008

The Other Side of the World

One of the things that Kara and I had many discussions about when we were going through the process of the adoption was just how much information we were going to share with other people, and what was only for “In the family.”

At least one social worker (and possibly more) rightly observed that ultimately we needed to preserve as much of Mihret’s story as possible. She’s small now, and there doesn’t seem to be any harm in sharing the tale of where she came from with the world – but it isn’t really our story to share.

It is Mihret’s story to share, if and when she decides to share it, and with whomever she decides to share it with.

It’s for that reason that Kara and I have put almost nothing about Mihret’s birth family on the blog. I mention them now only because the news from Ethiopia just isn’t good, these days.

The big news over there has been the drought. There’s going to be less food, almost certainly, and probably less work for farmers, and while both of those things would be bad here in the States, over there they can be completely devastating.

People see images of hungry people in Ethiopia, and they think it’s awful, yes. Some people have probably even been there, and seen the poverty, and realized that it goes beyond awful and into tragic.

But our daughter, my wife, myself – we have family there, now. Family that we can’t help. Not directly.

And so I worry. And Kara worries. And we look at our little girl, and we suspect that one day, she’ll worry, too.

And we pray for them nightly and hope that’s enough.


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