Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bye, Pee!

Music by: M. Patterson

Lyrics by: M. Patterson

Performed by: M. Patterson

Things to note about this video:

It was totally spontaneous. She wanted to play the toilet, and we let her, because it made us laugh.

"Bye, pee!" is one of her many new phrases. Yes, we're getting ready for toilet training. No, we're not planning on starting in the next few days, or anything, but the sooner you introduce the potty, the better.

(For the record, we have taught her other things. She can now identify an astonishing number of body parts, for example. She knows the word helicopter, and can say it so you can understand it, and most importantly knows what a helicopter is.)

Check out her playing. Although she doesn't do it for a long time, she's very much in rhythm. I'm not saying she's a great drummer, but the girl can carry a beat.

That funny squeak at the end of the video is me losing it. What can I say? My little one makes me laugh.


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