Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Beegabug

(Kara's photo addition and caption: Mihret sports her "beegabug" onesie. "Don't Bug Me," it tells the political phone-survey peeps. Kara's shirt says, "Talk Nerdy to Me." She'd prefer to be reading instead of answering the phone. Josh, that day, was wearing a shirt that said "I Make Stuff Up." Very fitting for a fiction writer and screenwriter!)

In order to fully appreciate this story, you’ll have to know a couple of things.

Our home is not a terribly political one. We have our beliefs, and we do our best to carefully consider who we vote for. But Kara, in particular, keeps her views to herself because she’s a member of the press.
Despite the fact that Mihret can say words like “helicopter” and “new diaper, please,” so well that people who aren’t around her all that much can understand her, she is unable to say the word “ladybug” – instead, she says beegabug.

It was bath time, and as per usual, Mihret was sitting in the tub playing with her toys. This has its own entertainment value, most nights.

Lately, she’s been playing with her beegabugs a lot. There are four of them. A “mommy” beegabug, which is large and has a flat back, and three smaller beegabugs, which fit onto mommy’s back.

They can also all float around the tub on their own.

Mihret will do any number of things with the beegabugs. Sometimes she pushes them around separately, sometimes she shoves a few of them closer to the front of the tub, and a few to the back, and then yells out “beegabug” and points, which is my cue to float them all back towards her.

Last night, the phone rang during bath time. I could tell someone was asking for me, because Kara started asking who was calling. I yelled out that she should tell whoever it was that I was giving our daughter a bath.

Instead, Kara brought the phone into the bathroom.

I sighed, and wiped off my hand on a towel, and took the phone from Kara.

Me: Yes?

Phone Person: So-and-so is running for thus-and-such. Can we count on you to vote for so-and-so on Election Day?

Mihret: Beegabug!

Me: I’m sorry, but I’m still looking at the issues, and I haven’t determined who I’ll be voting for just yet.

Mihret: Beegabug!

Phone Person: (Who, by the way, sounded about fourteen. What, does so-and-so have their kid making phone calls?) So you’re undecided?

Mihret: Beegabug!

Me: Yes.

Mihret: Beegabug! Beegabug!

Phone Person: Thank you for your time, sir. Have a nice evening.

Mihret: Beegabug!

Me: (In my brain: What, you’re not going to try to convince me to vote for so-and-so? I guess you don’t like your parent very much.) You too.

Mihret: Beegabug!

Me: I’m getting the sense that I should vote for Beegabug.

Mihret: Beegabug!



Lori & Dave said...

hey you three! just caught your comment on our blog. love that we can connect with you in this techno-savvy way. you all look so great and it's fun to see mihret growing up. crazy that we're parents, eh? love to you and thanks for sharing your blog link.

xoxo crawfords

Kara said...

You have been tagged Kara and Josh. Check out my blog. Have fun!!