Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It Begins

(Note: Alex is a little boy in Mihret's day care. Up until recently, they were in the same room, but Alex just aged to the room. Mihret will follow in a few weeks.)

The scene: Saturday Morning. The little one has just woken up, and we're all sitting on the bed while Kara is on the phone with her parents.

Kara: Mihret, do you want to talk to Nona?

Mihret: Hi, Alex!

Kara: Mihret, Nona is on the phone.

Mihret: Hi, Alex!

Kara: Can you say, "I love you, Nona?"

Mihret: Hi, Alex!

Kara (to her mother): It's starting already.

Second Scene: Kara, me, my mom, and my dad, are all sitting eating Chinese food. I have just finished relaying a story about Mihret at day care.

Kara: Mihret, who do you play with at school?

Mihret: Alex!

Kara: And who else?

Mihret: Alex!

Me: Who else do you play with?

Mihret: Alex!

Kara: Do you play with Bella?

Mihret: Alex!

Me: And Logan?

Mihret: Alex!

Me: Do you play with anyone else?

Mihret: Alex funny!

Me (to Kara): We're in trouble.

Third scene: Mihret and I are looking at a picture of Sam and Rachel Bass (two of our favorite people!) and their kids (our Godkids!) Iris and Ian Bass.

Me: Mihret, who's that?

Mihret: ?

Me (pointing to Sam): Who's that?

Mihret: Unca Sam!

Me (pointing to Rachel): Who's that?

Mihret: Rachel!

Me (pointing at Iris): Who's that?

Mihret: ?

Me (pointing at Ian): Who's that?

Mihret: Ian!

Me (back at Iris): Who's that?

Mihret: ?

Me: Is that Iris?

Mihret: ?

Me: Iris?

Mihret: ?

Me (pointing at Sam again): Who's that?

Mihret: Unca Sam, and Rachel, and Ian.

Me: What about Iris?

Mihret: ?

Me: Hmmm...



Kimmie said...


I stumbled across your blog through an Ethiopian name search, trying to find out how to pronounce Mihret (our new daughters name). We have heard it a few ways and really want to say it right.

thanks for your help!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Joshua, Kara and Mihret said...

Kimmie - it's a little tough to explain in text form, but here goes.

The "English" pronunciation is:

Mih - like "million"

ret - rhymes with "bet"

Here's the catch - when you hear an actual Ethiopian pronounce it, the r is "flipped," not unlike in Spanish when you say the word "perro," for example.

Kara and I do our level best to pronounce in as close to what she heard in her homeland as possible. Our friends and family do the best they can as well. Trust me, you've signed on for a lot of pronunciation lessons for everyone you meet. But it's also a nice way to introduce her to people.

In you case you didn't know already, Mihret means "Mercy" or "Forgiveness."

Congratulations on the addition to your family!