Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tag... We're Thankful!

We've been tagged!
We're sorely overdue as it's a Thanksgiving tag... We need to write about five things for which we are thankful.
I'll answer this my way, and then let Josh come on here later for his.
We've been tagged by Kara V. (Many of you reading this know that I also used to be a Kara V. - and I've finally met another Kara V.! Thanks for the tag, Kara! :) )
Here are my five:
1. I am thankful that God has blessed my life with safe and (mostly) effective medications and skilled, caring physicians, a therapist, pastor and church family, a local NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) chapter and a loving support system of family and friends to help me live well with my chronic illness, bipolar disorder.
2. I am thankful for my husband. He is my best friend, my helpmate, my rock, my lover, my strength.
3. I am thankful for our daughter. She is a precious one, a wonder, a joy, a blessing, a little mystery waiting for us to discover who she is. I can't wait to help her find herself, find her faith, and find her purpose/God's plan for her as she grows.
4. I am thankful for Mama Delame and Grandpa Demesse and all of our Ethiopian family, and for their courage in the face of hardship and daily struggle.
5. My first four are so serious .... so my fifth posting is going to be thanks for some random things I lurv ... ladybugs, penguins, unicorns, books, popcorn, the smell of bookprint, back scratches, back rubs, cups of chai, Post-Its, extended deadlines, Facebook, my new aloe-covered slipper-socks, our digital camera, my new scrapbooking basic tools, the fact that we have so many diverse languages and cultures in this world, and the fact that I still can be lots of things when I grow up. :)

-Kara (who will tag five other people/households as soon as Josh explains the tagger ettiquette)

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