Monday, January 19, 2009

She's Definitely Listening...

Here's Mihret looking like a big girl in her Emaye's glasses.

A common scenario in our house after mealtime is Mihret trying to free herself from her high chair before her hands and face are clean, usually even before her bib is off. Sometimes before her tray is gone.

At that point, I tell her "One more minute." It's been our "time phrase" that she seems to understand as "Wait, please." I also have asked her to "be patient," which we also use in conjunction with "Wait, please."

The other day in church, Mihret was playing with the goldfish crackers I kept handing to her one by one so as not to create a crumbly mess.

They're goldfish of many colors - pink, orange, green, purple - and I didn't want the dye to rub off on our clothes or anything else. So when she kept on handling the fishes instead of eating them, I put the lid back on her mini-Tupperware container and took the fishes away.

She promptly dropped to her hands and knees and began to crawl under our chairs. They're regular stackable chairs so when they're fitted side by side, a tiny peanut could easily crawl through the gaps like she's navigating a maze. Not acceptable during church time.

While my mom-in-law held onto the back of her little pants suit so she couldn't shoot out under the back of one of the chairs - we were in the very back row, a quick scamper to the stairs - I leaned forward and said in a very exasperated stage whisper, "Mihret. That. Is. Enough."

What did Mihret say in return?

(Wait for it...)

"Mama," she said, looking up at me with those big brown eyes. "Patience."


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